Make Him
Fall in Love with YOU
All Over Again


“Discover the Missing ‘Marriage Manual’ for Women That Will
Make Your Husband Love You For the Rest of His Life…
…Even if He’s This Close To Walking out the Door!”

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From The Desk

“It’s Never too late to Save Your Marriage…
But You Have to Act Fast”

The longer you hesitate…the more LIKELY it is that you’ll end up in divorce court VERY SOON. But you know what? Just “saving your marriage” isn’t enough for me! I believe you deserve THE BEST:

  • A husband who LOVES and ADORES you EVERY moment of EVERY DAY.
  • A marriage that RECHARGES YOU instead of DRAINS YOU.
  • A family that sees you as the QUEEN OF THE CASTLE.
  • A fun, passionate, super-charged sex life with all the love, affection, and attention you can possibly handle.
  • A loving, fun-filled relationship that’s the ENVY of all of your friends.


Of course…all this sounds GREAT, but… If you’re like most women, you’re probably trying everything you can to save your marriage, and nothing seems to work! Maybe you went to marriage counseling and it didn’t work… Maybe you’ve even bought other products or books that claimed they could save your marriage… Or maybe you’re just so confused by all the crazy information out there that you don’t even know where to begin. Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault! The TRUTH is…

“Marriage Counselors and Relationship Gurus are Just as Confused as You Are”
“I know, Because I Saved Their Marriages Too!”
Want Proof?
“Check Out This E-Mail I Received
From a PH.D. Marriage Counselor!”


I don’t want to hurt this woman’s business, so I’m concealing her face and identity. Still, this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Here’s a woman who MAKES HER LIVING coaching people through their marriage problems, and her own marriage is in shambles! This is why even though the marriage counseling industry is getting BIGGER EVERY DAY… More couples are getting divorced NOW than ever before! And I’m tired of it! I’m here to “blow the whistle” on all the hype and empty promises that marriage counselors and relationship “gurus” out there have been feeding you… And give you a real, step-by-step plan for SAVING YOUR MARRIAGE once and for all… And not JUST “saving” it – but super-charging it with more love, passion, fun, and excitement than ever before – without you spending a DIME on marriage counseling or – God forbid – a divorce attorney!


I have to tell you: Getting letters like that from a seasoned professional feels AMAZING. I’m not the guy with the letters after his name… I’m the guy that THEY go to when their books don’t have the answer!

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And that’s why marriage counseling just DOES NOT WORK! How are you supposed to work on your problems when your husband just doesn’t seem to care? What good is counseling and therapy with the attraction between you is dead and gone? Why even BOTHER saving a marriage unless the two of you are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about each other? See ladies – it’s not about solving problems…it’s about BUILDING ATTRACTION. Unless you know how to build so much HEAT and PASSION in your husband that he is CRAZY in love with you again, all the counseling and therapy in the world ain’t gonna help! There isn’t a marriage counselor or relationship book on this PLANET that can take your husband from being totally disinterested you… To being so attracted to you that you are the QUEEN of his world. That’s what MY SYSTEM does for women like you EVERY DAY. If you’ve tried the long heart-to-heart talks, or marriage counseling, or books, and they haven’t worked…it’s not your fault. You didn’t fail…the course you were using FAILED YOU!


“So What Do I Really Need to Do to
Make My Husband Love Me Again?”

(WARNING: The tactics that follow are VERY
powerful…please use them responsibly!)

The answer is simple… Look at what everyone else is doing…AND DO THE OPPOSITE! Why? Because they’ve got it wrong. Everyone wants to believe that human beings make perfect, rational decisions. In a perfect world, you could see a marriage counselor, come up with a plan (maybe by having “date nights” or “intimacy time”) and everything would be perfect. BUT IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. Here’s the SECRET your marriage counselor won’t tell you: EVERY decision a man makes in his personal life is based on LOGIC, not EMOTION! I know that’s the opposite of what all these relationship gurus tell you. They want you to believe that you can “communicate” your way into a great marriage. But in reality, simply “talking through” your problems is the WORST thing you can do. If you want to build massive feelings of love and attraction in your husband, you have to look at what REALLY makes him feel those things!

“Saving Your Marriage is
Easier Than You Think!

ALL you have to do is UNLOCK the qualities inside of you that make you irresistibly attractiveAnd then let BIOLOGY take care of the rest! I’m going to show you a TESTED, PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP system to “wake up” the animal magnet inside of you…

  • EVEN IF your husband doesn’t live with you…
  • EVEN IF he’s seeing someone else…
  • EVEN IF he’s ALREADY filing for divorce…
  • EVEN IF you’re a naturally submissive person!

See ladies, you have the power DEEP INSIDE of you to make your husband fall HEAD OVER HEELS in love with you again. How do I know? Easy.

“You Already Made Your Husband
Fall In Love With You Once,
And You Can Do It Again!

You and your husband started out in love with each other, but over time, things changed. It’s not your fault… you didn’t even know that attraction was SO important! But attraction is EVERYTHING to your husband’s sex drive! When a man is so attracted to a woman that he HAS to be near her, he will do ANYTHING to make her happy. Believe it.
My system uses the MOST POWERFUL, MOST ADVANCED EXERCISES ON THE PLANET to”re-boot” your brain, put you back into “hunter” mode, and WAKE UP the Seductress you used to be! It’s NOT about hypnosis or any of that other fake stuff! It’s about REMEMBERING who that woman was…that woman your husband fell in love with, and waking her back up. Again, it’s not about becoming someone you’re not… …It’s about WAKING UP the woman your husband fell in love with in the first place! Introducing…

Your Marriage Savior:
“Controlling the Beast – Your Instant Blueprint
for the Joyful, Passionate, Rock-Solid
Marriage You Deserve!”


This System

  • Know EXACTLY how to bond your husband to you so that every time he sees “ANOTHER WOMAN”, he’s pulled back to you 24/7!
  • Effortlessly SAIL THROUGH every argument, fight, and problem, AND learn to USE arguments to INCREASE attraction!
  • BECOME THE QUEEN of your life, your home, and your marriage!
  • Have the MASTER KEY to your husband’s love and attraction, so you can KEEP HIM DEEPLY in love with you for the REST OF YOUR LIVES.

“Here’s What’s Inside…”

After reading just the FIRST CHAPTER, you’ll have a better understanding of men than 999,999 out of a MILLION women. You’ll know exactly what makes your husband tick, what he REALLY responds to, and how to build MASSIVE attraction in him at will. Inside, you’ll discover…

  • The FORCES that govern ALL of male behavior in relationships!
  • The THREE qualities that will make your husband ULTRA-ATTRACTED to you in SECONDS and keep him there!
  • The REAL cause of every “problem” in your marriage, and how to solve it!
  • How to create INSTANT sexual chemistry with your husband, in any situation!
  • How your husband might be SUBCONSCIOUSLY destroying your relationship right now…and what you can do to stop it!
  • A comprehensive “roadmap” to understanding EVERYTHING your husband does in your marriage!
  • The four BIGGEST mistakes that most wives make to kill their husband’s attraction to them…and how to do the OPPOSITE!


I’ve left NO STONE UNTURNED here, ladies. With this system, NOTHING your husband does for the rest of your life will be a mystery to you.You will have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make your husband fall crazy in love with you again and KEEP HIM THERE… for the rest of your lives.

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“Just Imagine How Amazing Your Life
Will Be When Your Husband is
Absolutely Crazy About You…”

Picture yourself in this life. No drama. No “heavy” feeling in the air. You’re HAPPY with a husband who LOVES YOU SO MUCH:

  • You have a husband who LOVES and ADORES you EVERY moment of EVERY DAY.
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  • Your family sees you as the QUEEN OF THE CASTLE.
  • You have a fun, passionate, super-charged sex life with all the love, affection, and attention you can possibly handle.

“This Could Be Your Life
EVERY Single Day”

Most of my clients who came to me AFTER they got served with divorce papers had NO IDEA what was coming. They thought maybe they had “a few problems” in their marriages… …when secretly their husbands had been thinking about leaving them for MONTHS. The LONGER YOU WAIT to action to save your marriage, the TOUGHER it’s going to be. Now, don’t misunderstand me – I said TOUGH…NOT IMPOSSIBLE. But either way… you can’t afford to wait! You have no way of knowing when the NEXT fight… is going to be the LAST fight.

You Have a Choice to Make

You can either STEP UP and be part of the ONE PERCENT of women with amazing marriages, and husbands who LOVE AND ADORE them every moment of EVERY DAY, and who know how to make their husbands absolutely crazy about them and keep them there…



You can IGNORE THIS LETTER and carry on doing as you have been…knowing that this will most likely lead to divorce court, the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of your financial well-being, and – God forbid – SHARED CUSTODY.

“YES! I Want to Save My Marriage!
But How Much is it Going to Cost?”


“Saving Your Marriage, On the Other
Hand, Has NEVER Been More

I know how tough this economy can be, so…

  • I’m not going to charge you $25,000 – the cost of a TWO-DAY DIVORCE TRIAL.
  • I’m not going to charge you $10,000 – the cost of a ONE-DAY DIVORCE TRIAL.
  • I’m not going to charge you $5,000 – the fee to have a good lawyer PREPARE YOUR CASE.
  • I’m not even going to charge you $1,997…even though if I did, it would still be an INCREDIBLE STEAL to save your marriage.
  • I won’t charge you $997 (which is what I sell THIS COURSE for OFFLINE).
  • I’m not even going to charge you $400 – the cost of just ONE HOUR of a divorce lawyer’s time.
  • I’m not going to charge you $300 – the cost of just ONE SESSION with a top marriage counselor.

You can OWN the Marriage Savior System today if you act now – for a ONE-TIME payment of just $67. Don’t wait. Click the ADD TO CART button now!

Save you Marriage

Please don’t keep heading on this collision course with divorce court! Let me JUMP behind the wheel, SLAM on the brakes, YANK it to the right and TURN THIS THING around before it’s too late! And, in case you’re wondering…

“YES! This Course Comes With a FULL
100% Money Back Guarantee…

(Which You Will Never, EVER Get
From a Marriage Counselor!)”

If there’s one thing marriage counselors and divorce lawyers will NEVER give you, it’s a GUARANTEE! These guys expect you to see them WEEK AFTER WEEK, drop THOUSANDS of dollars, and if you STILL get divorced…sorry, NO REFUNDS! I think that’s disgusting and it’s wrong. Where I come from, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you buy something, and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, you’re entitled to a full refund, no question about it. Here’s my IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE:


I can’t make it simpler than that! There. Now there’s ZERO RISK. You have NOTHING TO LOSE, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. If you try my system, and it doesn’t work for you, NO PROBLEM! Send it back and I’ll refund EVERY LAST DIME YOU SPENT. But when it DOES WORK…imagine how RADICALLY IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

  • Your Marriage Savior – Learning to Control the Beast – Learn to apply the System to solve even the TOUGHEST marriage problems…EVEN if you’re already separated!
  • Your Limited Time Price: $67!!!

YES! I understand that I will receive INSTANT ACCESS to Your Marriage Savior via direct download so I can put these strategies to use and start SAVING MY MARRIAGE IMMEDIATELY! I ALSO understand that I get a FULL 60 DAYS to try the system RISK-FREE. And I understand that if I desire a refund for any reason at all, I can get one right away… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Save you Marriage

Michael Cross

P.S. You’re a good wife and a GOOD WOMAN. Don’t you deserve an amazing marriage with a husband who LOVES AND ADORES YOU every moment of every day? I have clients who are enjoying that right now. You deserve to to have the MARRIAGE OF YOUR DREAMS. So, let’s go get it! Click the ADD TO CART button now!

P.P.S. Still on the fence? Remember our NO-RISK GUARANTEE – the whole system is 100% Guaranteed so there is NOTHING TO LOSE! Refunds are processed instantly, and back in your account within 2-3 business days. You have nothing to lose, and a TOTALLY RENEWED MARRIAGE TO GAIN. CLICK the ADD TO CART button now!

P.P.P.S. I don’t have to remind you that the longer you wait, the worse things are going to get. Your husband could already be talking to lawyers, going through your finances, and planning his exit. Please don’t wait. The time to act is NOW. I can help you, but you MUST CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW to save your marriage!

Save My Marriage

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