“Free Video Reveals the #1 Secret

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You Ever Thought Possible!”

“Keep Reading to Discover the Missing

‘Marriage Manuals’ for Men That Will

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for the Rest of Her Life…

…Even if She’s This Close to Walking out the Door!”

From the Desk of: Michael Cross

Dear Friend,

My name is Michael Cross. I’ve spent the last 10 years helping guys just like you work through their relationship problems and save their marriages.

You’re on my website looking for answers.  That means you’re a GOOD HUSBAND, and a GOOD MAN, and you CARE about your marriage.


You’re in a tough spot.

If you’re on the verge of divorce…

Or if your wife is cheating on you…

Or if your marriage JUST PLAIN ISN’T WORKING…

Then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read in your entire life!
You want the truth, so I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you… DIVORCE is one of the WORST THINGS a guy can go through.

  • FINANCES torn apart…
  • Families WRECKED…
  • DECADES of savings up in smoke…
  • HOURS of a long, drawn out legal battle in divorce court…
  • Watching in horror as you lose HALF of everything you own…
  • Ongoing ALIMONY payments…
  • And WORST OF ALL…the tragedy of SHARED CUSTODY.

I wouldn’t wish divorce on my WORST ENEMY, and believe me…I don’t want it for you, either.

But I have some GOOD NEWS for you.

No matter how bad things have gotten…no matter how disinterested your wife might seem…no matter if someone has cheated…no matter if you’re ALREADY SEPARATED…

“It’s Never Too Late to Save Your

Marriage…But You Have to ACT FAST!”


The longer you hesitate…the more LIKELY it is that you’ll end up in divorce court VERY SOON.

But you know what?

Just “saving your marriage” isn’t enough for me!

I believe you deserve THE BEST:

  • A wife who LOVES and ADORES you EVERY moment of EVERY DAY.
  • A marriage that RECHARGES YOU instead of DRAINS YOU.
  • A family that sees you as the KING OF THE CASTLE and the MAN of the HOUSE.
  • A fun, passionate, super-charged sex life with all the love, affection, and attention you can possibly handle.
  • A loving, fun-filled relationship that’s the ENVY of all of your friends.

Of course…all this sounds GREAT, but…

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably trying everything you can to save your marriage, and nothing seems to work!

Maybe you went to marriage counseling and it didn’t work…

Maybe you’ve even bought other products or books that claimed they could save your marriage…

Or maybe you’re just so confused by all the crazy information out there that you don’t even know where to begin.

Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault! The TRUTH is…


“Marriage Counselors and Relationship

Gurus are Just as Confused as You Are!”

“I Know, Because I Save Their Marriages Too!”

“Want Proof?

Check Our This E-Mail I Received

From a P.hD Marriage Counselor!”


marriage counselor“Dear Michael, I am a marriage and family therapist, and a very successful one. I want to make my wife love me again, and I don’t know how.   I know that talking only makes things worse. I know there must be something I can do that could help…but what is that?!”

Dr. Patrick G., PhD, LCSW


I don’t want to hurt this guy’s business, so I’m concealing his face and identity.

Still, this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Here’s a guy who MAKES HIS LIVING coaching people through their marriage problems, and his own marriage is in shambles!

This is why even though the marriage counseling industry is getting BIGGER EVERY DAY…

More couples are getting divorced NOW than ever before!

And I’m tired of it!

I’m here to “blow the whistle” on all the hype and empty promises that marriage counselors and relationship “gurus” out there have been feeding you… And give you a real, step-by-step plan for SAVING YOUR MARRIAGE once and for all…

And not JUST “saving” it – but super-charging it with more love, passion, fun, and excitement than ever before – without you spending a DIME on marriage counseling or – God forbid – a divorce attorney!


marriage counselorJust got done with your books!  I love it!  This is crazy that I never figured this out! Some fantastic insights into the human condition.  After reading the books, with my own marriage problems, it did not take long for me to get back to Alpha (status) as I used to be a very powerful guy. I cannot remember the last time I was able to have sex with  my wife but I did tonight.  She is in a very happy mood.  The power I feel is wonderful right now.   I woke up to my wife making breakfast and more!Dr. Patrick G., PhD, LCSW


I have to tell you: Getting letters like that from a seasoned professional feels AMAZING.

I’m not the guy with the letters after his name…

I’m the guy that THEY go to when their books don’t have the answer!


“But Michael, My Wife Is Getting More

and More Distant Every Day…”


EXACTLY…and that’s why marriage counseling just DOES NOT WORK! How are you supposed to work on your problems when your wife just doesn’t seem to care? What good is counseling and therapy with the attraction between you is dead and gone? Why even BOTHER saving a marriage unless the two of you are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about each other?

See guys – it’s not about solving problems…it’s about BUILDING ATTRACTION. Unless you know how to build so much HEAT and PASSION in your wife that she is CRAZY in love with you again, all the counseling and therapy in the world ain’t gonna help!

There isn’t a marriage counselor or relationship book on this PLANET that can take your wife from being totally disinterested you… To being so attracted to you that you are the KING of her world. That’s what MY SYSTEM does for guys like you EVERY DAY.

If you’ve tried the long heart-to-heart talks, or marriage counseling, or books, and they haven’t worked…it’s not your fault. You didn’t fail…the course you were using FAILED YOU!


“So What Do I Really Need to Do to

Make My Wife Love Me Again?”

(WARNING: The tactics that follow are VERY

powerful…please use them responsibly!)


The answer is simple… Look at what everyone else is doing…AND DO THE OPPOSITE! Why? Because they’ve got it wrong. Everyone wants to believe that human beings make perfect, rational decisions. In a perfect world, you could see a marriage counselor, come up with a plan (maybe by having “date nights” or “intimacy time”) and everything would be perfect. BUT IT JUST DOESN’T WORK.

Here’s the SECRET your marriage counselor won’t tell you: EVERY decision a woman makes in her personal life is based on EMOTION, not LOGIC!

Apologizing, discussing, compromising, grovelling, begging, “communicating”…all these approaches are LOGIC-based, and they KILL ATTRACTION. I’ve got news for you: You and your wife can come to any kind of logical decision you want… But even 10 seconds later, if her emotions tell her to do something DIFFERENT, you can bet the ranch she’s going to do it! You CANNOT go THROUGH your wife’s logic to get TO her emotions! It just doesn’t work.

I know that’s the opposite of what all these relationship gurus tell you. They want you to believe that you can “communicate” your way into a great marriage. But in reality, simply “talking through” your problems is the WORST thing you can do. If you want to build massive feelings of love and attraction in your wife, you have to look at what REALLY makes her feel those things!


“Okay, So What’s the Secret to Building

Massive Attraction in a Woman?”


You want to know the secret? Here it is.

In one word: LEADERSHIP.

ALL women are biologically-programmed to be attracted to men who have the natural qualities of an AMAZING LEADER.

Here’s why:

  • Female sex drive is ALL ABOUT reproduction and survival. Our sex drives don’t exist to make us FEEL GOOD…they exist to ensure that the human race reproduces and lives on.
  • The guys who had the greatest chances of surviving and protecting a woman and her children ALSO happened to be the guys who were the best, most capable, most fearless leaders!
  • And so nature has programmed women on a biological level to be massively attracted to LEADERS.

In other words, when a woman is with a man who’s the King of his world…

She’ll be so attracted to him that she’ll do ANYTHING to make him happy.

If you’re having problems in your marriage, there’s only ONE REASON: You have failed to LEAD your wife in the right way!

I know that’s the opposite of what you’ve been taught. You’ve been taught that men and women should be 100% equal. In business and society, that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

In your MARRIAGE, though, SOMEONE has to lead. If you want your wife to be attracted to you and in love with your forever…that someone had better be YOU!

Maybe some lights are turning on in your head right now… Maybe you’re realizing that you’ve completely abandoned the leadership position in your marriage. Maybe you’ve been letting your wife call the shots. If you have, then I have GREAT NEWS:


“Saving Your Marriage

Is EASIER Than You Think!


ALL you have to do is UNLOCK the qualities inside of you that make you an amazing, compelling, dynamic Leader… And then let BIOLOGY take care of the rest! I’m going to show you a TESTED, PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP system to “wake up” the natural Leader inside of you in just 24 minutes…

  • EVEN IF you’re wife doesn’t live with you…
  • EVEN IF she’s seeing someone else…
  • EVEN IF she’s ALREADY filing for divorce…
  • EVEN IF you’re a naturally submissive person!

See guys, you have the power DEEP INSIDE of you to make your wife fall HEAD OVER HEELS in love with you again.

How do I know?


“You’ve Already Made Your Wife Fall In Love

With You Once, And You Can Do It Again!


You and your wife started out in love with each other, but over time, things changed. You STOPPED being an effective Leader.

It’s not your fault…you didn’t even know leadership was important!

But leadership is EVERYTHING to your wife’s sex drive! When a woman is being led by a loving, fun, charismatic Leader, she will do ANYTHING to make him happy. Believe it.


“A Strong, Powerful, Irresistible Guy Is

Already Right There Inside of You…

And I Can Wake Him Up

In Just 24 Minutes!”


My system uses the MOST POWERFUL, MOST ADVANCED EXERCISES ON THE PLANET to”re-boot” your brain, put you back into “hunter” mode, and WAKE UP the Leader you used to be!

It’s NOT about hypnosis or any of that other fake stuff!

It’s about REMEMBERING who that guy was…that guy your wife fell in love with, and waking him back up.

When that happens, your wife’s sex drive will sense that she’s in the presence of a true Leader, and her attraction for you will GO THROUGH THE ROOF!

Again, it’s not about becoming someone you’re not…

…It’s about WAKING UP the guy your wife fell in love with in the first place!


Save Marriage | Jake Conrad“I’ve been using your system – especially the audio exercises – for several days, and I can honestly say that my wife’s whole response to me has CHANGED. Even the women I work with are starting to notice…one of them even mentioned something about an “aura”! Thanks for waking up my sleeping lion!

Jake Conrad, Fort Washington


That’s right. 24 minutes is really ALL IT WILL TAKE to begin the process of making your wife fall CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN.



Your Marriage Savior System


  • Build MASSIVE, pulse-pounding attraction in your wife AT WILL, and INSPIRE her to think about you and fantasize about you 24 hours a day!
  • Effortlessly SAIL THROUGH every argument, fight, and problem, AND how to actually USE arguments to INCREASE  attraction!
  • BECOME THE KING of your life, your home, and your marriage!  YOU call the shots, you make the decisions, and you are the ROCK that your family relies on!
  • Have the MASTER KEY to your wife’s love and attraction, so you can KEEP HER DEEPLY in love with you for the REST OF YOUR LIVES.

“Here’s What’s Inside…”


Manual #1: Unleashing the Lion

Your Marriage Savior Manual 1This is where the “meat and potatoes” of the system is contained. After reading just the FIRST CHAPTER, you’ll have a better understanding of women than 999,999 out of a MILLION guys. You’ll know exactly what makes your wife tick, what she REALLY responds to, and how to build MASSIVE attraction in her at will. Inside, you’ll discover…

  • The TWO FORCES that govern ALL of female behavior in relationships!
  • The THREE qualities that will make your wife ULTRA-ATTRACTED to you in SECONDS and keep her there!
  • The REAL cause of every “problem” in your marriage, and how to solve it!
  • How to create INSTANT sexual chemistry with your wife (or any woman), in any situation!
  • How your wife might be SUBCONSCIOUSLY destroying your relationship right now…and what you can do to stop it!
  • A comprehensive “roadmap” to understanding EVERYTHING your wife does in your marriage!
  • The four BIGGEST mistakes that most husbands make to kill their wife’s attraction to them…and how to do the OPPOSITE!
  • And much, MUCH MORE…

Manual #2: Taming the Lioness

Your Marriage Savior Manual 2This manual is where things REALLY get cooking.  WARNING: The techniques in this manual are SO POWERFUL, they may cause a level of attraction and passion in your wife that you have NEVER seen before! You’ve been warned! Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How ALL women SUBCONSCIOUSLY TEST their man’s Leadership abilities, and how to PASS those tests with flying colors! (Hint: you probably don’t even REALIZE you’re being tested!)
  • How to FIRMLY establish yourself as the Leader of your relationship, 24-hours-a-day!
  • A simple trick that will make your wife do the “little things” to make you happy…and be GLAD to do them!
  • How to INSTANTLY overcome resentment, hostility, and fights and re-establish a climate of love, joy, and passion!
  • A simple, 6-step process to completely ERADICATE your fear of ANYTHING YOU WANT!
  • How to EFFORTLESSLY get and keep the UPPER HAND in ANY situation…and make your wife LOVE YOU for it!
  • Why you should NEVER get upset about your wife’s emotions…EVER! (Hint: Why get upset when you can LEAD them where you want them to go!)
  • The RIGHT WAY to apologize…one that makes your wife MORE attracted to you! (Hint: Do this WRONG, and you’ll end up pouring ICE COLD WATER on her sex drive!)
  • The single biggest TURN-ON for all women, everywhere on the planet, and how to use it to your advantage!
  • How to make your wife CHASE YOU, instead of the other way around!
  • And much, MUCH MORE…

Audio Lesson – Peasants Into Kings

Your Marriage Savior Audio Lesson OneThis MP3 audio lesson contains the most POWERFUL personal change exercise ever invented!  It’s used by WORLD CHAMPION athletes, boxers, martial arts masters and Olympic champions.  This one simple exercise will:

  • UNLOCK almost SUPERHUMAN levels of power, confidence, and ability!
  • Activate the “hunters” instinct, so that you are more charismatic, stronger, and sexier than you have EVER been before.
  • WAKE UP the “sleeping lion” inside of you – the dynamic, exciting Leader your wife fell in love with in the first place!
  • Allow you to respond PERFECTLY to any challenge life throws at you…with ZERO EFFORT.

And the best part? You can APPLY this exercise to ANY skill you want to master in your life, from a new job, to a new language, to a new sport…and it will cut your time to total mastery by 500%.

Audio Lesson – Peasants Into Kings Belief Supercharger

Your Marriage Savior Audio Lesson TwoMarriage problems can shake anyone’s confidence.   How much could you accomplish in your life if you had the power to INSTANTLY dissolve ANY unwanted thought in your head? This MP3 audio lesson will allow you to:

  • Instantly CRUSH negative or self-sabotaging beliefs and replace them with a POWERFUL, unstoppable mindset!
  • Evaporate fears, insecurities and self-doubts in just minutes!
  • Make YOU the Master of your own mind again…and therefore the Master of your relationship!
  • Render ANY challenge in your life 400% easier to overcome!

Every self-sabotaging, negative, or unwanted piece of thinking in your mind will be INSTANTLY evaporated and replaced with an alternative that EMPOWERS YOU. Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you CAN, or think you CAN’T…either way, you’re right!” This audio lesson is your passport to CHANGE any behavior, habit, belief, or idea that you don’t want into one that SERVES YOU. In short, you’ll be the MASTER of your own mind again. Master your mind, master your LIFE!


“Plus: These Critical Bonus Manuals…”


Bonus #1: The Case Studies Manual!

The Case Studies ManualEVERY guy’s situation is different.  This book is a comprehensive collection of some of the TOUGHEST marriage problems I have EVER dealt with!  You’ll learn how to use The Marriage Savior System to:

  • Stop infidelity DEAD in it’s tracks.
  • Re-kindle a sex life that’s been NON-EXISTENT for years.
  • Get your wife to open up to you and talk to you even if things between you are ICE COLD.
  • Wipe ANY other guy right out of her mind and get her focused TOTALLY ON YOU.
  • Get her interested in being an AMAZING mother again, even if she seems totally disconnected from the family.
  • And even more!

Bonus #2: The Separation Manual!

The Separation ManualDid you know that you don’t even have to be in the same ROOM with your wife to start building MASSIVE attraction? This manual will show you:

  • How to raise your wife’s level of attraction EVEN IF she’s 3 STATES AWAY!
  • How to use DYNAMIC UNAVAILABILITY to get your wife DYING to spend time with you.
  • When you should call or text your wife, and when texting and calling can be the KISS OF DEATH.
  • Why CHASING your wife can be the WORST mistake you can make!
  • And of course, that’s just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

Picture yourself coming home

after a long day at work.

The house is calm.  Joyful.

No drama.  No “heavy” feeling in the air.

You’re HAPPY to come home to this family who LOVES YOU SO MUCH:

  • Your wife jumps up from the couch and kisses you with a wicked look in her eye. She says, “What can I do for you, my King?”
  • Your kids are happy to see you, knowing that their Dad is the Lion of the house – a man they can idolize and respect.
  • Everyone is overjoyed to see you, like the happiest moment of their day is the moment Daddy gets home.
  • You have a wife who LOVES and ADORES you EVERY moment of EVERY DAY.
  • You enjoy a marriage that RECHARGES YOU instead of DRAINS YOU.
  • Your family that sees you as the KING OF THE CASTLE and the MAN of the HOUSE.
  • You have a fun, passionate, super-charged sex life with all the love, affection, and attention you can possibly handle.


“This Could Be Your Life,

EVERY Single Day!”


Save Marriage | Carl Hurley“I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that things are really good now!  Your advice was perfect. I’m pissed at myself for not doing this sooner.  It definitely feels good to be the King again. Your material has been wonderful – exactly what I needed.  I’ll continue to do the exercises to make sure this sticks permanently, but MAN…I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Carl Hurley, Boca Raton, Florida

Save Marriage | Robert JamesThe things I read in these manuals absolutely blew me away! I actually found myself laughing out loud in a couple of places, because I couldn’t believe I never realized this sooner. I now have the tools I need to make my marriage work again. From the bottom of my heart…thank you!”

Robert James, Canberra, Australia

“I think your techniques are working on my relationship with my wife!  Before she wanted to separate and divorce – these days she’s calling me! She texts me: “Maybe we should think it over about your leaving…why can’t you talk to me?”  God bless you!

M. Nagazadeh, Richmond, Virginia

Hey … figured I would give you a quick update.  I must be doing  something right… she showed up here couple nights ago telling me that she left the guy she was seeing and wants to move back in with me to work on our marriage. Thanks for all your advice this far….  it has obviously has worked.

J. McShane, New Orleans, Louisiana

“I just wanted to write to you again.  I have been through the manuals several times and I have started doing the exercises from the audios.  VERY empowering. The second audio was a real help to me and it had me and my situation pegged. This is starting to re-shape my whole thought process.  I am dumping the fear!

Kevin Larsen, Stockholm, Sweden 13

“But Look…Here’s the BAD NEWS.

 Women are VERY Fickle Creatures!

Most of my clients who came to me AFTER they got served with divorce papers had NO IDEA what was coming. They thought maybe they had “a few problems” in their marriages… …when secretly their wives had been thinking about leaving them for MONTHS. The LONGER YOU WAIT to action to save your marriage, the TOUGHER it’s going to be.

Now, don’t misunderstand me – I said TOUGH…NOT IMPOSSIBLE. But either way…you can’t afford to wait! You have no way of knowing when the NEXT fight…is going to be the LAST fight.


You Have a Choice to Make:

You can either STEP UP and be part of the ONE PERCENT of men with amazing marriages, and wives who LOVE AND ADORE them every moment of EVERY DAY, and who know how to make their wives absolutely crazy about them and keep them there…


You can IGNORE THIS LETTER and carry on doing as you have been…knowing that this will most likely lead to divorce court, the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of your financial well-being, and – God forbid – SHARED CUSTODY. 

“YES! I Want to Save My Marriage!

But How Much is it Going to Cost?”


A Hell of a lot less than DIVORCE, I promise you that!

See, guys – the AVERAGE divorce in the USA costs $20,000. If you’re from the UK or Australia, it’s even WORSE. And if you own your own business, or you have a little bit of money saved up…the costs of divorce can very easily SOAR into SIX FIGURES.

Your financial life will NEVER be the same, and it will take DECADES for your bank account to recover from the BEATING it’s about to take.

How much did you spend on your engagement ring? $10,000? $5,000? $2,000? If you spend that much on your engagement ring to GET INTO this marriage, shouldn’t you be willing to spend AT LEAST that much to SAVE IT?

What about ONE PHONE CALL with a great divorce attorney? (And TRUST ME, guys…if you don’t get this system, you’re going to want the BEST divorce attorney money can buy!)

One phone call with a GREAT divorce attorney can run you $400, because that’s how much they charge for just ONE HOUR of their time. What about marriage counseling?

One hour with a good marriage counselor is $300, and you’re probably going to need at least TEN SESSIONS to see results…IF you ever see results!

Well, look. Times are tight. The economy is bad. There has NEVER BEEN a WORSE TIME to get divorced.


“Saving Your Marriage, On the Other

Hand, Has NEVER Been More Affordable!” 

I know how tough this economy can be, so…

  • I’m not going to charge you $25,000 – the cost of a TWO-DAY DIVORCE TRIAL.
  • I’m not going to charge you $10,000the cost of a ONE-DAY DIVORCE TRIAL.
  • I’m not going to charge you $5,000 – the fee to have a good lawyer PREPARE YOUR CASE.
  • I’m not even going to charge you $1,997…even though if I did, it would still be an INCREDIBLE STEAL to save your marriage.
  • I won’t charge you $997 (which is what I sell THIS COURSE for OFFLINE).
  • I’m not even going to charge you $400 – the cost of just ONE HOUR of a divorce lawyer’s time.
  • I’m not going to charge you $300 – the cost of just ONE SESSION with a top marriage counselor.


You can OWN the Marriage Savior System today for a ONE-TIME payment of just $197.

Don’t wait.  Click the ADD TO CART button now!



I know guys who DIDN’T use my system who are paying $1,500 A MONTH IN ALIMONY.

Not CHILD SUPPORT…ALIMONY. That’s money that your wife gets JUST BECAUSE she was married to you, and she gets it FOREVER. Please don’t let this happen to you, guys.

Please don’t keep heading on this collision course with divorce court! Let me JUMP behind the wheel, SLAM on the brakes, YANK it to the right and TURN THIS THING around before it’s too late!

And, in case you’re wondering…


“YES! This Course Comes With a FULL

 100% Money Back Guarantee…

(Which You Will Never, EVER Get

From a Marriage Counselor!)”


If there’s one thing marriage counselors and divorce lawyers will NEVER give you, it’s a GUARANTEE!

These guys expect you to see them WEEK AFTER WEEK, drop THOUSANDS of dollars, and if you STILL get divorced…sorry, NO REFUNDS!

I think that’s disgusting and it’s wrong.

Where I come from, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

If you buy something, and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, you’re entitled to a full refund, no question about it. Here’s my IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE:



I can’t make it simpler than that!


If you try my system, and it doesn’t work for you, NO PROBLEM! Send it back and I’ll refund EVERY LAST DIME YOU SPENT.


  • Think of the JOY, CONFIDENCE, and POWER that comes from knowing your wife is COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN.
  • Think of the PEACE you will feel, knowing that you NEVER have to worry about DIVORCE COURT.
  • Think of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you’ll save in alimony, child support, and LEGAL FEES.

Guys, those things are ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.


YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

  • The Full Marriage Savior System, Including…
  • The Unleashing the Lion Manual Totally eliminate guesswork from your marriage – learn EXACTLY how to build INSTANT attraction in your wife…and keep it going FOREVER!
    (retail value: $127)  Total: $127
  • The Taming the Lioness Manual – Place yourself firmly in the driver’s seat of your marriage – assume the Leadership position and make your wife fall CRAZY in love with you while you do it!
    (retail value: $127)  Total: $254
  • Peasants Into Kings – Unlock a level of power and confidence that feels almost superhuman – tap into resources you didn’t know you had and SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!
    (retail value $97) Total: $351
  • Peasants Into Kings Belief Supercharger – Change ANYTHING you want about your behavior, your beliefs, or your habits in just 24 minutes – end self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors FOREVER!
    (retail value $97) Total: $448
  • The Case Studies and Separation Bonus Manuals – Learn to apply the System to solve even the TOUGHEST marriage problems!  Learn from others’ experiences and be ready for anything…EVEN if you’re already separated! 
    (retail value $52) Total: $500
  • Your Limited Time Price: $197!!!

YES! I understand that I will receive INSTANT ACCESS to The Marriage Savior System via direct download so I can put these strategies to use and start SAVING MY MARRIAGE IMMEDIATELY! I ALSO understand that I get a FULL 60 DAYS to try the system RISK-FREE. And I understand that if I desire a refund for any reason at all, I can get one right away…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!



“Still on the Fence? Check THIS Out!”


Wait a second… I almost forgot to tell you about Ryan. Ryan had more problems in his marriage than anyone I’d ever seen:

  • His wife had left him.
  • She had moved in with another guy.
  • She had repeatedly lied about the whole thing.
  • She had already started divorce proceedings.
  • She wouldn’t even take his phone calls.

In fact, when Ryan bought this system, at first he wanted a refund!   He wrote me and told me that the problems in his marriage were just too intense for ANYTHING to help him. He was at the end of his rope. No hope.  No faith whatsoever that things could change. In fact, here are his EXACT WORDS:

> She is now living with another man and only comes over from time to
> time to see the kids. The kids are living with me right now....
> Really not sure how I can fix things now...
> You mentioned a 60 day money back option ..... do I need to wait the 60
> days?
> btw ... from what I'm reading I did do everything wrong.
> Just don't know how I can fix it now...
> I guess I should just move on....

I wrote Ryan back immediately suggesting he work through the entire program before requesting a refund.  He was still skeptical, but he promised me he’d give things a try.

2 weeks later, he wrote me this:

“Hey Michael, just wanted to give you a quick update.  I must be doing something right, because she came over today to tell me she has left the other guy and wants to get back together! She’s willing to do anything to work on our marriage.  I’m following your advice and making her work VERY hard to get back in my good graces…so far she’s doing everything she can to make amends. Thanks for all the advice so far…it obviously has worked!”

Ryan K., Harrisburg, PA

I get e-mails like that one almost EVERY DAY.

This system has worked for guys on FIVE CONTINENTS, and it can work for you too.

Don’t wait. You don’t have to go down that long, dark road to divorce court.

It’s not too late.


“Step Up, Be a Hero, and

 Save Your Marriage!


To your RENEWED marriage,





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  • Female sex drive is ALL ABOUT reproduction and survival. Our sex drives don’t exist to make us FEEL GOOD…they exist to ensure that the human race reproduces and lives on.
  • The guys who had the greatest chances of surviving and protecting a woman and her children ALSO happened to be the guys who were the best, most capable, most fearless leaders!
  • And so nature has programmed women on a biological level to be massively attracted to LEADERS.